Author: Sana

Qagaz the word that speaks for itself, the power to hold on to many thoughts or the platform to show ones vision. History is written on Qagaz and future is predicted on same, Painters paint their world on it, poets write, musicians compose their music. How easy it is for Qagaz to accommodate things that we think of. My journey with Qagaz started two decades ago, when having a personalized entertainment was considered as luxury and to pass time after my school and studies I started using the Qagaz to explore the depth of my imaginations, and in couple of years I got promoted from a small drawing Qagaz to large canvas Qagaz.

Easy way to decorate your wall

Transform a bare wall with this fast and easy wall decoration very cheaply. All you need some poster paper, black ink {if you don’t have black poster paper},gum and round mirror.

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